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 Beer Pong Rules

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PostSubject: Beer Pong Rules   Tue Jul 14, 2009 4:07 pm

Disclaimer: There are many different ways to play the game of Beer Pong and no rules are more right/wrong or better/worse then anyother persons rules. These rules are our official rules and keep in mind they are to be used more in the sense of guidelines for those new and don't know how to play the game.

The Official Beer Pong Rules
The only rules made to be broken.

Brief Description

Beer Pong is a popular drinking game among many college students, but can be enjoyed by anyone looking to have a good time playing one of the greatest drinking games ever made. It is generally played with two teams of two, with the teams standing at opposite ends of a table with a length of 8 feet. Six or ten cups are formed in a pyramid at either end of the table, with the base of the pyramid centered at the edge of the table. The players attempt to toss ping pong balls into cups, each of which is filled with 1/3 of a beer. When a player makes a shot into a cup of the opposing team a player from the opposing team drinks the contents of the cup and removes it from the table. The game continues in this way, with both players from one team taking a shot, followed by both players from the other team. The team that is able to clear all of the opposing team's cups first is the winner, with the losing team splitting the contents of the winning team’s remaining cups. To begin, a player from each team takes a shot simultaneously without looking at the cups. This is repeated until one team makes, and the opposing team misses their shot. The elbow rule is also applied for every shot. A player's elbow may not cross the plane of the table or the shot is not counted. The game is more complex than it first appears, as you will soon see....

Lets Get it Started:

Start with 6 Red or Blue "Party Cups". Fill the beer up about 1/3 full. When done this should equal 2 full beers per team. We arrange them in a pyramid (about a half-inch from the end of the table), 3 cups in the back, 2 in the middle and 1 in the front. All cups are tightly pushed together. The cups are on either end of ping pong table about 8 feet apart.

Water Cup. There is cup of warm water to dip the ball in, in the event that the ball picks up something unpleasant off of the floor.

Singles or Doubles (same rules, if you're playing doubles partners rotate shots and drinks)

Lobs only. No Lasers. (Ball must have an arch.)

Bounces off of anything count. As soon as the ping pong ball hits something, you can smack it away so it won't bounce in.

Drinks occur right after the shot is made. You can't shoot back until your drink is drunk.

Rebuttals - After the last cup is made, the team behind gets 2 shots (one per partner) to try and rebutt.

Money ball. This one is definitely different. We play with 2 balls. One is white, one is yellow. One partner shoots the white ball, the other shoots the yellow ball. If you make the yellow ball, you get it right back and retain your turn. You keep getting it back as long as you make it. Teams decide which player wants to throw their money ball. You can rotate
back and forth between throwing the white ball or the money ball. Whoever is on a roll typically should throw the money ball.

Blowing. If the ball is spinning around the cup and not yet touching the beer, female players can attempt to blow it out of the cup. Male players can not blow the ball out of the cup in the event it is spinning.

Streaking. If one team didn't make a shot the entire game, first they finish the other teams' beers. Then they proceed to take off their clothes and streak 1 time around the house/apartment.

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Beer Pong Rules
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