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 Party Theme Ideas

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PostSubject: Party Theme Ideas   Sun Jul 19, 2009 1:54 am

Party Theme Ideas:

40s and Blunts (thug party)
Everyone dresses as a thug, party provides only 40's to guests.

ABC (Anything but clothes)
Guests wear anything to party except actual clothes (trash bags, sheets, coconuts, anything not considered clothing is acceptable)

Angels and Devils
Dress as either an angel or a devil.

Around The World
Each room has a different drink, and guests travel from room to room

Beach Party
The beach party includes bathing suits, pools, beach balls...

Casino Party
Party set up like a casino and guys dress as ballers and girls dress as gold diggers while gambling fake (or real) money

Catholic School Party
Girls dress as catholic school girls (plaid skirts), and guys dress in shirts and ties.

CEOs and Corporate Hos
All guys dress as CEO's (in suits and ties, and all girls dress in sexy business outfits

Cops and Robbers(Handcuff party)
Guests are handcuffed together (each guy is handcuffed to a girl) and they must finish 6 beers before they can take off the handcuffs then choose someone else to be handcuffed to.

Cowboys and Indians
Party old west style, dress as a cowboy, cowgirl or indian

Heaven and Hell
Champagne and Wine on the top floor of a house, beer on the 1st floor, and hard liquor in the basement

Foam Party
If you have the space and resources, this could be one of the greatest parties of all. Imagine college students in their bathing suits partying waste deep in foam. Definitely a way to set your parties apart from the competition.

GI Joes and Army Ho's
Everyone dresses up in fatigues and army gear

Golf pros and Tennis Ho's
Guys dress as golf pro's and girls dress in sexy tennis outfits

Grafitti / Blacklight Party
At a college Graffiti or Blacklight Party, all guests wear white t-shirts, party hands out highlighters or markers at the door. Guests write messages on eachothers white t-shirts. Messages get better as people get drunk

Halloween Party
The college halloween party contains sexy costumes, funny costumes, and is one of the craziest college parties

Naked Party
The naked college party is where different floors of a house are set aside for clothed or naked people

Pimps and Hos
Guys dress as pimps, girls dress as Ho's enough said

Pirates and Wenches

Guys dress as pirates and girls dress as wenches (female pirates)

Guys dress as Hugh Hefner, girls dress as playboy bunnies

Quarterbacks and Cheerleaders
Guys dress as quarterbacks, girls dress as sexy cheerleaders

Superhero Party
Dress as your favorite superhero or make one up

Toga Party
The college toga party includes guests dressed in sheets and sandals

Underwear Only
Guests can only wear underwear to the party (can come to party with coat, but must remove coat to enter)

White Trash
Guests dress as trailer park trash, flanel, wifebeaters, etc.

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Party Theme Ideas
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